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Bachman's Sparrow

In May of 2010, Bachman’s Sparrow was born.

Created by Maria Volk -- a UC Berkeley graduate whose blogging career opened the door for selling handmade goods -- Bachman’s Sparrow is a brand that focuses on accessories for the hair and body that have been crafted locally in a small shop in Northern California.

Maria’s passion for the creative began at an early age when her mother first taught her how to sew. From creating doll clothes, bedding for her stuffed animals, and an abnormal passion for drawing horses, she knew her heart was set on making beautiful items for the people around her.

After a few years of blogging, Maria knew that she wanted to begin following her dreams of selling her artisanal goods. With a desire to produce unique items that the average woman could wear and feel great in, she began selling a few fabric necklaces and took off from there.

Today Bachman’s Sparrow has grown to include beautifully hand dyed hair accessories and womenswear, with homegood projects in the making. No two pieces are exactly alike: an ideal of individuality we promote here in the shop

Thank you for stopping by our little boutique, we can’t wait for you to enjoy a box full of handmade love!

--- We’ve been sweetly featured in: DailyCandy || Refinery29 || NEET Magazine || SF Indie Fashion || TheFreshExchange blog || || Yumicha blog …and more!